The Benefits of Private Home Care

Hopkinton Home Care

From companionship to ensuring there is someone around to look after your loved one’s well-being when you can’t be there, home care has many benefits.

Here are just a few:

  • Keeping the comforts of home: The chair you love; the backyard with a garden; friends and family that stop by for the holidays; and a kitchen for the morning coffee are all comforts we call home…. The #1 advantage of in home care from Hopkinton Home Care is keeping the things that you love close by.
  • Personalized and Private with One-on-One Care: When we arrive at your loved one’s door, we ensure your loved one gets 100% of his or her attention and quality care. With a Hopkinton Home Care caregiver, providing care is a personal affair. Your loved one gets one-on-one care at the necessary level to achieve ultimate comfort — whether it is Overnight or Live-In Care, or a few hours a day of compassionate Companion Care.
  • Affordability: Not only is Hopkinton Home Care of high quality, but it’s affordable as well. In most cases, keeping your loved one at home costs less per hour than your local lawn care personnel or traditional sitter. This is especially true when the home care company you choose makes a commitment to reasonable rates and simple pricing models, without monthly or annual contracts.
  • Independence, Confidence, and Comfort: Where do you or your loved one feel most comfortable? Where does he or she feel most confident and open to participating in activities? The answer, most likely, is home. Not only is any recovery or companionship process easier in the home environment, but with a range of home care services, your loved one also has the control and ability to lead a meaningful, independent life. Hopkinton Home Care services range from medication reminders and assistance with range-of-motion activities to daily chores, meal preparation and grocery shopping.
  • Family Support & Participation: The Hopkinton Home Care network makes more than just a commitment to only providing a professional caregiver for your loved one but is committed to involving your family in the care process and keeping everyone comfortable with regular communication.
  • Peace of Mind: When you bring a Hopkinton Home Care caregiver into your loved one’s life, you’re doing more than ensuring premium care for your loved one, you’re also ensuring peace of mind for you. In most cases, it’s simply not possible to provide the range and level of care your loved one needs and deserves. With kids, a job and a life of your own, it’s unreasonable to layer the additional demands and responsibility of being a full-time caregiver to your loved one. Taking advantage of a professional caregiver is not giving up on your loved one or being selfish. On the contrary, you’re being selfless by bolstering your own love and support with professional, quality care while enabling you to spend time enjoying their company.

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What is the Cost of In-Home Care?

There are resources for families who need care-giving help.

Hopkinton Home Care is one of them.

What Home Care Costs

As you investigate the different options available to you, you want to choose the type of care that fits into your lifestyle. One of the first things on your mind is how your care decisions will affect your bank account. You are not alone; many people searching for care are apprehensive about the potential financial burden of paying for long-term care. What will home care cost for you? It may be more affordable than you think.

The Average Cost of Care

The cost of non-medical home care varies depending on where you live and the amount of care you will need. The best way to budget for home care is to determine the number of hours you will need per week and do a lot of research.

*The following is a valuable and important re-post from AARP:

Planning for in-home care is a lot like the Chinese adage about planting a tree: The best time was 20 years ago, and second best is today.

Older Americans determined to stay in their own homes are likely to need help at some point — for a few hours a day or 24/7 — with personal care, household chores and nursing services.

“There’s advanced planning, and there’s crisis planning,” says Hyman G. Darling, an estate attorney in Springfield, Mass., and president-elect of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

Those who plan ahead often buy long-term care insurance policies with home care benefits if they can afford them and qualify for them. Those without it often start out relying on an unpaid family caregiver.

“It’s tough,” Darling says.

About 1 in 3 people caring for someone at home (as opposed to a nursing home), said they had hired paid help in the past year, according to a 2015 survey by the AARP Public Policy Institute and National Alliance for Caregiving.


To learn more about tips to afford in-home care, whether you’re planning ahead or need help soon, please give Hopkinton Home Care a call 508-544-4650 or email







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“Hopkinton Home Care is a Blessing to our Family.”

It has been two years since Hopkinton Home Care expanded services in the Metro West. 

Hopkinton Home Care supports local Massachusetts families with in-home health services for their loved ones. In January of 2014, the agency expanded into more than 10 towns in the Metro West area. In addition to Hopkinton, due to the demand and growth of in-home health services, Hopkinton Home Care now services Ashland, Bellingham, Framingham, Franklin, Grafton, Holliston, Hopedale, Hudson, Marlborough, Southborough, Upton, and Westborough. As a result of this growth, Hopkinton Home Care continues to expand into other towns such as Northborough, Bellingham, Natick and Wellesley.

Hopkinton Home Care believes that nothing is more important than caring for your family with compassion. We help you help your loved ones thrive.

One client, C.L., the daughter in law of our client shared, “Thank you Bill for all your help these past few weeks and months. Your dedication to our problems and your caring did not go overlooked. You have been a godsend.”

Many clients say that working with Hopkinton Home Care has been such a blessing for their family.

Bill Marr, Owner and Health Expert for Hopkinton Home Care Services added “There are many people that need a little extra help every now and then. I am grateful that our team at Hopkinton Home Care is there for them so they don’t have to worry as much.”

With baby boomers reaching retirement and an increasing life expectancy, in-home health services is at an all-time high. The need for additional medical and social services is critical.

“There are some families that simply need a visitor or companionship,” added Marr. “When you contact us, you will notice that we want to answer your questions and respond to any concerns that you may have. Only after we learn what you need, can we let you know how we can meet those needs.”

Our service areas now include Ashland, Bellingham, Framingham, Franklin, Grafton, Holliston, Hopedale, Hopkinton, Hudson, Marlborough, Natick, Northborough, Southborough, Upton, Westborough, Whitinsville and surrounding towns in the Metro West.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Grooming
  • Assistance with Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Bathing
  • Managing Medications
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Making and Changing Beds
  • Meal Planning
  • Preparation
  • Running Errands
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Escorting to Appointments
  • Gardening and Yard Work
  • Pet Care
  • Plant Care
  • Mailing Bills and Letters
  • Picking Up Dry Cleaning
  • Crafting and Games
  • Conversation and Companionship

If you have a need and do not see it listed please ask! For more information or a custom quote, please visit You may also call 508-544-4650.

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What Should You Expect From Hopkinton Home Care services?

“Just emailing to let you know we’ve decided to go ahead with your company! We both felt comfortable and I like that you do all your hiring and interviews yourself. I’ll be back with my grandmother Wed-Sat and would love to meet an aid or two that you have in mind. Please let me know your availability those days. I look forward to working with you.”

Happy daughter of a new patient

At Hopkinton Home Care, it’s important for the owner and all CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) that we not only manage your expectations, but that you are 110% comfortable with our services. Our job requires many different responsibilities, but care for patients on a daily basis provides us some of the greatest rewards any profession could offer.

Taking a closer look at the daily tasks at Hopkinton Home Care, we can narrow down our top 5 services in the list below. If you require a service not mentioned on our website, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  1. Feed, bathe and dress patients

Care from Hopkinton Home Care helps patients with their basic needs. Generally, this means helping them bathe, dress and feed themselves. These patients might include stroke victims, elderly residents or love ones, or individuals recovering from an accident, injuries or surgeries at home.

  1. Take patient vital signs and escort to doctor appointments

From temperature to blood pressure, we are responsible for taking and recording patient vital signs. Routine tasks such as these are typically the initial steps of a patient’s visit to a physician’s office or hospital, which means we may also have the responsibility of transportation to and from an office visit.

  1. Serve meals, make beds and keep rooms clean

In line with meeting patients’ basic needs, our duties may include serving meals to patients, making beds and helping clean rooms. This can mean light cleaning or changing soiled sheets. It also means getting the chance to have regular, one-on-one contact with patients—the compassionate relationships that can help people make it through times of illness with dignity.

  1. Set up medical equipment, medication management and assisting with some medical needs

Storing and setting up medical equipment might involve medication management and assisting with other medical needs. Please discuss with us any and all medical needs to make sure they are in line with our capabilities.

  1. Offer companionship, answer questions and observe changes in a patient’s condition or behavior

Working so closely with patients on a daily or weekly basis, we observe not only the obvious changes in a patient’s physical condition but the subtleties of their emotional state. That intuition can have immeasurable impact on helping patients make it through a trying recovery or come to terms with a long-term condition.

Whether we offer support with medication management, bring them breakfast in the morning or simply listen, Hopkinton Home Care makes a significant difference to the quality of care of your loved ones.Hopkinton Home Care wants to answer your personal and confidential questions. Only after we learn what you need can we let you know how we can meet those needs. Give us a call: 508-544-4650.





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Home Safety Checklist for Seniors – Tip #3 is critical…

According to AARP, the vast majority of seniors want to remain living at home as they age. However, seniors who live on their own are often at greater risk of suffering from a dangerous fall. Injuries caused by falls are the number one reason seniors visit the emergency room each year, and are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury among older adults.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help safeguard your loved one’s home from potentially life-threatening hazards, and what better time than the start of a new year? Here is a home safety checklist that you can use to make sure that your loved one’s living space is as safe as possible.

 1. Floors

Trips and falls most often occur at home where seniors spend most of their time, so it’s especially important to make sure the floors in your loved one’s home are as safe as possible.

  1. Make sure floors are clear of any objects and/or clutter that may pose a tripping hazard.
  2. If there are stairs in the home, make sure they are even, free from debris and have sturdy handrails, preferably on both sides.
  3. Remove area rugs if possible, or make sure they are secured with a nonslip backing and free of frayed edges.
  4. Make sure all cords, cables, and wires are taped or secured to the wall and cleared from high-traffic areas.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen can pose safety risks due to hard-to-reach objects and potentially hazardous equipment. Even if your loved one is able to prepare meals on their own, there are some safety measures you can put in place to help protect them from harm.

  1. Keep frequently used items such as dishes, pots, pans, and appliances at waist level.
  2. Avoid the use of a stepladder. If this is not possible, make sure the stepladder is sturdy, nonslip, and has a safety bar to hold on to.
  3. Keep a working fire extinguisher easily accessible in the kitchen.
  4. Make sure the “Off” switches/buttons are clearly marked on appliances such as the oven and stove. (Try taping a small, brightly colored note on or next to the switches/buttons to help identify them.)
  5. Make sure all electrical appliances are kept away from the sink.

3. Bathroom

Dangerous falls often occur in the bathroom due to its wet and slippery surfaces. Make sure the bathroom has the following safety measures in place to help prevent slips and falls. If your loved one is on strong medication or recovering from surgery they should have assistance getting in and out of the bath or shower.

  • Install a bench in the shower
  • Place non-skid decals or a rubber mat in the bathtub or shower
  • Install grab bars by the toilet and in the tub/shower for support
  • Make sure the floor has a nonslip surface and bath mats are secured to the floor with a nonslip backing or double-sided tape

4. Bedroom

Getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom can be dangerous, as night vision is often poor and waking from sleep can be disorienting. Taking the following precautions can be critical to ensuring your loved one’s safety.

  • Place a lamp next to the bed so it is easy to reach
  • Make sure the path from the bed to the bathroom is clear and well-lit. Inexpensive motion-sensor night lights can help with this.
  • Make sure the bed is an appropriate height and your loved one is able to get in and out of it with ease.

Additional Safety Tips

  • Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed throughout the home and are in good working order.
  • Set the hot water heater to 120° Fahrenheit to prevent scalding.
  • If your loved one lives alone, have them wear a medical alert device to ensure they can to reach help if disabled from a fall.

These home safety tips are a good place to start for keeping your loved one safe and reducing the risk for falls. However, it’s important to regularly evaluate your loved one’s ability to live independently. At some point, they may require additional assistance and supervision to remain living safely at home.

If your family is considering in-home care to help ensure your loved one’s safety and well-being, contact Hopkinton Home Care today for a free consultation.  Our team is dedicated to supporting your family and helping your loved one enjoy life in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

Hopkinton Home Care

234 Wood Street, Box 2016
Hopkinton, MA 0174



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Reminder: Please get your flu shot!

Hopkinton Home Care provides quality home care services in your home with an assisted living focus on the entire needs of each and every individual that we serve.

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Reducing Loneliness for your Loved Ones Around the Holidays

It’s very human to feel that holidays should be happy times, with generations of traditions coming to the forefront. After all, we say we celebrate holidays. Doesn’t that mean happiness? The reality, however, is that many people can feel isolated and lonely.

Loved ones can have an especially hard time with the holiday season. While aging and maturity can bring the wisdom of years for many people, there are inevitable losses that come to even the most healthy individuals. The reality is that the holidays can bring a sense of isolation and a feeling of loneliness to a head.

You, the adult child of a parent who may seem depressed during the holidays, can do much to help. Yes, you are busy and stressed yourself. However, by simplifying the holiday season all around and concentrating on what really matters – people – you can offer your parent help through what can be, for some, a time of discouragement.

Tips to enhance your loved ones’ holidays

Try to put yourself into their place: Listen and understand when they want to talk, even if the talk is negative. Don’t imply they are whining or that they should snap out of it. They can’t. Your empathy is vital here.

Remind them they are loved: Remind them how important they are as a part of your own celebration and that of the entire family. Be especially careful not to act like what you do for them is a duty. This can be tough, as your tired body language can show through. However, again, put yourself in their place. They may feel useless and burdensome.

Simplify! Help them see that you are trying to simplify the holidays in order to bring back the real meaning of our celebrations. Let them know you are trying to ignore the hype that has increased over the years. Remind them that they taught you that it’s people who count, and thank them for that.

Visit with youngsters and grandchildren: If your parent is in an assisted living facility or nursing home, check with the local kindergarten or day care centers to see if they can bring children to visit the loved ones. The freshness of the small children’s presence can help lighten a day for an elder in physical or emotional pain.

Keep traditions alive: Bring traditional baked goods or treats regularly for your loved ones and their friends to share. And call your loved ones’ friends and see if they can come visit.

Accept help: Ask for help and support! Hopkinton Home Care is here to help!

Spend time with them: This is the most important thing you can do for you and for them. Look at holiday photos or videos with them and leave them photos in a handy place so they can walk down memory lane when they are alone. Play music. Listen to them reminisce.

Your time is precious to you. You likely have a spouse, children and others who need you. However, your time is the most valuable gift you can give your loved ones during this holiday. Do what you can without stressing yourself beyond your limits. Your being somewhat relaxed is also important to your loved ones. Remember that you won’t reach perfection and you won’t please everyone all of the time. Your best efforts will be good enough.

Hopkinton Home Care wants to answer your personal and confidential questions. Only after we learn what you need can we let you know how we can meet those needs. Give us a call: 508-544-4650.


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