8 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

2019 is here! By working together with your aging loved ones to put those resolutions into action, you can both maintain the momentum to keep those commitments throughout the year. Providing accountability for each other provides valuable reinforcement, offers the opportunity to stay in touch regularly, and gives you a greater sense of purpose, which is particularly important for seniors and their well-being.

  1. Exercise for 10 minutes every day
    Staying physically active is key to healthy aging. That doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your free time exercising, but you should certainly dedicate a portion of your day to fitness.
  2. Explore new volunteer opportunities
    Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, but it also benefits your own health. It also connects you with like-minded individuals, which is great for your mental well-being. Volunteering can provide a great sense of fulfillment in your life.
  3. Revive an old friendship
    It’s not always easy remaining close to friends who don’t live right down the street. But there are dozens of resources you can use to rekindle old friendships. Make it your goal to keep in touch and possibly schedule a get-together in the near future.
  4. Spend more time with the grandkids
    Most older adults can agree that there is nothing quite as special as spending time with the grandchildren. But you shouldn’t only meet up for special occasions. Staying connected with your grandkids on a regular basis will strengthen the bond between you and keep the entire family closer together.
  5. Make healthier dessert decisions
    It’s easy to reach for that sugary treat after dinner. Make 2019 your year to fall off the path that leads to unhealthy desserts and jump on one that drives you to make smarter choices. Fruits and dark chocolate make excellent natural alternatives if you need to satisfy a sweet craving.
  6. Revisit an old pastime
    When was the last time you spent time enjoying that favorite hobby of yours? At some point in the new year, consider breaking out the old needle and yarn, fishing rod, or bottle cap collection you used to be so passionate about. You may even consider introducing it to your grandchild so you have something new to bond over!
  7. Challenge your brain regularly
    You know that physical activity is important, but giving your brain a “workout” is just as crucial. Challenging your brain regularly keeps your cognitive skills sharp and reduces your chance of experiencing memory loss. This year, make time to play games that’ll force your mind to work in overdrive.
  8. Be conscious of your overall health
    Your body is always changing, so make it a priority to keep up with your health. Visit the doctor annually, if not more, to be proactive about your overall well-being. And take the advice and guidance he or she gives during your visit. Those tips will help you have a happy and healthy year.

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