Healthy Aging: Small Changes in Your Diet Can Have a Big Impact on Your Health

@HomeCareHoptown: Healthy Aging – Small Changes in Your Diet Can Have a Big Impact on Your Health

Are you getting ready for summer and want to look your best? Just want to feel better physically? Whatever your motivation, small changes in your diet can have a big impact on your health as well as those closest to you that are getting older.

The Importance of Making Small Changes

Many doctors will say it is especially important to educate the youth about healthy eating habits as many do not consider the effects of eating poorly can have on long-term health. Early education can help to prevent diseases before they occur – awareness in adults is crucial in setting good examples for children. Just by changing one serving of red or processed meat for one daily serving of nuts or legumes can have a big impact on your health.

Reduced-Fat Foods Not Always the Way to Go

According to recent studies, reduced-fat and fat-free foods aren’t always a good alternative.

In fact, high fat consumption can actually be good if the quality of the fat is good. Nut butter (made from actual nuts), can be a good source of food in addition to avocados and other vegetable oils and strong data shows extra virgin olive oil is proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Divide the Plate

A plate filled halfway with fruits and vegetables while the other half consists of healthy protein and whole grains. Drink water and add olive oil to your routine.


  • Take a burrito in a bowl
  • Ask for a tortilla made with whole grain, add brown rice, beans and include all the vegetables you want with chicken and guacamole
  • Instead of fries, get a side of vegetables
  • Create your own pizza at home using whole grains and vegetables

Reap the Rewards

Small changes sustained over time will benefit your health inside and out, doing away with the pressure to make diet-related promises easier as you get older.

And last but not least, follow these daily tips to eat better as a family that young and old can enjoy…

  1. Make it fun for kids to try new fruits and vegetables.
  2. Chicken, fish, and beans are good choices for protein.
  3. When you cook at home together you have more control over ingredients and portion sizes, so aim to cook at home more often than eating out.
  4. For snack time, keep fresh fruit and pre-chopped or no-chop veggies on hand.
  5. Break up with Sneaky Salt! Take the pledge and learn how to reduce the sodium your family eats.




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