January Sparks Increased Loneliness: Here’s How To Help Your Loved Ones


Social isolation can be devastating at any time of the year, but the loneliness epidemic is particularly acute in January for the elderly and your loved ones.

The number of socially isolated older people who reach out for support increases over winter and always spikes in January. Hopkinton Home Care owner, Bill Marr, says January is a busy month for companionship services just to keep loved ones busy and minds occupied – while giving caretakers a moment to recover after the long holiday season.

Hopkinton Home Care also offers the following tips for connecting with socially isolated older people in your community to end loneliness:

1. Break the silence.

Older people often feel ignored and invisible in public. When you are out and about, keep an eye out for older people who are alone and might appreciate a chat. Socially isolated older people will often go a day or more without any contact so the conversation that you start may be the only one they have that day. Say hello or offer a smile!

2. Volunteer.
Contact the Elderly is a charity that is supported by a team of over 10,000 volunteers who help to fight loneliness in their communities, and they are always looking for more, particularly drivers to help with vital transport. Research online for other charities where you can volunteer to support lonely older people.

3. Call an older neighbor to see how they are.
Especially in winter months or if you know they have little or no family nearby. Give them a call and see if they need any help.

4. Reach out to your loved ones – connect with them physically or digitally. Hopkinton Home Care can help. If you or a loved one need extra help, our personalized and custom health home care is a great option.

5. Hopkinton Home Care wants to answer your personal and confidential questions. Only after we learn what you need can we let you know how we can meet those needs. Give us a call: 508-544-4650.

Contact Us to Learn More about Hopkinton Home Care

At Hopkinton Home Care, our goals are to provide care and compassion in the comfort of your own home. Hopkinton Home Care is proud to offer exceptional home care services to your loved ones throughout Metrowest Massachusetts.

To learn more about our home health services and how we can help in your loved one’s care, kindly contact us online (http://www.hopkintonhomecare.com/) or call 508-544-4650 and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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