It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Flu Season

I know, it’s still summer so you don’t want to hear about this… but like the weather, flu season is unpredictable.

You can expect it to hit in the winter months, but you have no idea how severe it will be. And despite your best planning, it can surprise you.

The earlier you plan for the onslaught, the better. Flu season typically lasts from November through February, but it can start as early as October and hang around through May. Or it can start late.

Like the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared

For hospitals and healthcare organizations to be better prepared, Hopkinton Home Care advises you receive your flu vaccine as soon as it’s available.

“If it hits someone you love, the care plan needs to be dynamic as opposed to static,” added Bill Marr, owner of Hopkinton Home Care. “The care plan should be reviewed consistently every week for your loved ones and CNAs from Hopkinton Home Care can help.”

If it seems too early to plan, consider a study on hospital responses to mild and severe flu pandemics.

Even a Mild Flu Season Can be Demanding

While not every flu season reaches epidemic proportions, such as the H1N1 (swine flu) from 2009 to 2010, the numbers from a less severe season can be jarring. For the 2014-2015 flu season, there were approximately 19 million flu-associated medical visits and 970,000 influenza-associated hospitalizations in the United States, according to CDC estimates.

As healthcare organizations start planning for flu season, they should keep an eye on what the CDC is reporting; the CDC will provide updates on what to expect for flu season, what flu strains may be prevalent, and how severe situations may be.

Flu season also means hospitals must hire additional nurses to care for patients, such as in the ICU or other areas requiring acute care. Outpatient services, on the other hand, have a need for nurses from Hopkinton Home Care who have a need for proper attention and healing.

One reason to plan now for in-home health care is so you are comfortable with who may be taking care of your loved one!

Keep in touch for when you need it!

Hopkinton Home Care provides quality home care services in your home with an assisted living focus on the entire needs of each and every individual that we serve.


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