Prepare for Summer 2017: Easy Outdoor Activities for Your Loved Ones

As winter continues to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your loved ones outside once the sun comes back out. Going outside makes all of us feel much better, relieves stresses of everyday living and is a valuable source of vitamin D.

Whether playing outdoor games, gardening, or visiting a park, there is always an activity to do outdoors for almost anyone. Many senior activity ideas that were done inside during challenging weather can now simply be brought outside, such as arts and crafts. This is also a great way to get the grand-kids and other kids involved as well.

Here are a few of the favorites for outdoor activities you can do together – or simply encourage your loved ones to do on their own!

Metal detecting

One of the more unique outdoor elderly activities that can also be done with the grandkids is metal detecting. Metal detectors can be ordered online and begin at about $50 on up. They can be taken to beaches, parks, and other public places. You never know what you can find!

Enjoying Craft Shows Together

Vendors are very eager to share their expertise and passion, so it can also be a valuable and fun experience to seniors that have been isolated to a craft show. The senior may also discover a new hobby that could be of interest, and in which to become involved.

Town concerts

Almost all communities, especially those in Metrowest, have outdoor plays, concerts on the common, or productions of some kind. If you participate in such a group yourself, consider offering a free performance with your town. Most town activities directors would be thrilled to hear from you.

Flying kites

No one is ever too old (or too young) to fly a kite. You may even like to build your own kite. Kits are available ranging from very easy to build to more advanced kits. Kites can also be flown from a wheelchair. Keep it simple by just going outside in your own grounds, or have an excursion to a nearby park.


So many seniors and kids enjoy fishing. Just be sure there is someone there who knows how to handle the gear, hooks, and fish. And what about a fish fry afterwards? Bring your picnic gear too.

Painting pots

For those skilled at arts and crafts, simple painting clay pots and decorations together is a lot of fun. Take it a step farther and plant some seeds in the pot for flowers to grow! Other ideas we love include using a colorful rubber rain boot to paint in a similar manner is another outdoor project. In a more protected area, you can use a fancy old purse as a planter too.

Berry picking or apple picking

This outdoor activity is easy for the young and old and makes a nice, mildly active excursion. And you have a delicious end result! Take the berries back with you and have a get-together, eating them or making a dessert. Similarly, you can pick your own apples and even go on a hay ride or cart ride to the picking areas. And the staff love to talk about all the different types of apples and what they are best for. It can be quite educational. Visiting a farm or horse ranch are other outings that are especially fun to do with kids.

Miniature golf

This can either be a morning or afternoon trip to a nearby miniature golf course, or putting green, (You may also find them indoors in some communities). Or set up a portable style putting green game in your yard. There are also other games available that are take-offs on golf. Some can also be played from a wheelchair.

Bird watching

This is becoming very popular for outdoor elderly activities. This may take a little study, but it is learn as you go, and can become a very satisfying hobby. The MA DNR (Department of Natural Resources) can assist you in finding local trails. There are certain items you will be need – a bird book for MA is the first!


Photography, especially with elders, is critical as time is valuable these days. And it is not difficult. Young people love to teach about electronic gadgets so it’s a great way for the young to interact with the older generation. Photos can then be immediately viewed on the camera and saved…or not. Photography can be enjoyed with limited mobility as well, and photographs easily downloaded into a computer and printed out.

Outdoor arts and crafts

Outdoor activities can definitely include art. Remember to take advantage of the good weather and bring your projects outside! If you have an experienced artist in your family, or can have someone come in, offer an outdoor painting class. You can certainly have a field trip as a famiy to a scenic spot. But you can also set up on your own grounds near a garden, gazebo, etc. Or instead of painting what is in front of your, bring along a photo or image of what you’d like to paint.

As you can see, there are many things you can all enjoy together as a family this spring. What are some of your favorite activities?

Keep in touch!


(C) The Patch

There is nothing more important than family!

Do you go out to start your day and worry about your family member? Do you find yourself thinking about medications, worrying about falls, or just concerned about isolation and a lack of stimulation? Do you wonder if they are eating properly or getting enough activity? Are you concerned about your family member driving by themselves?

Hopkinton Home Care let’s you know that there is someone there to help take care of all these things and more. We provide the service that your loved one needs help with so that you can be fully engaged in your daily responsibilities and activities.

Hopkinton Home Care is able to provide service to you where you need it and when you need it. Our staff will come to you where ever you need our service. We are available to help with your physical needs, your cognitive needs, and your spiritual needs.

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