Hospice and Home Care Support

Do you have a loved one on hospice? Spending moments with another in earnest presence is one of the simple ways we can show unconditional love. If you need support, we are here for you. #Hope #HomeCare #UnconditionalLove #LifeAndLove #Hospice

How to Ask for Help 

It’s not easy to know where to turn for help or what the best options might be for your loved one and your family.

And it’s not easy thinking about hospice. The first thing to remember is that hospice is not about giving up. It is about giving your loved one care that is now focused on quality of life vs. aggressive treatment.

When a cure for your loved one’s illness is no longer feasible, hospice care provides comfort from pain, relief from symptoms and offers choices on how to live with their advanced illness. It is care that focuses on their physical, emotional and spiritual needs while ensuring their dignity and adhering to their wishes. Hospice can also bring your loved one a greater sense of control.

However, as the caretaker – you also need a support system. Accepting our support system can help you remain calm, sort through emotions, take some time for yourself and fully be there for your loved one. It will provide both of you an increased quality of life while you have it together. Research shows that patients in hospice care are more likely to live longer than patients who are not receiving hospice care – and loved ones that have a great support system enjoy their moments more… In fact, many people improve so much they get off of hospice care!

There is hope. Ask for help!!





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