5 Reasons to Seriously Consider Home Care for Your Loved Ones in 2016

Benefits of Home Health Care Services from Hopkinton Home Care

One of the most important goals of health care is ensuring that ill, elderly, and disabled patients receive high-quality, personal, and compassionate care. Hopkinton Home Care is designed to meet these needs by offering personalized service in the convenience of your loved one’s home.

  1. Maintain Dignity & Independence: The number one benefit of home health care is that it allows loved ones to receive personal care in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. For aging and homebound individuals, this allows your loved one to remain as independent as possible, providing a much higher sense of security and dignity.
  2. Eliminate Re-Hospitalization: Receiving home health care helps to reduces stays to the hospital, and studies have shown that people recuperating from illness, injury, or surgical procedures heal more quickly and more successfully when recovering in the comfort of one’s own home.
  3. Support for the Primary Caretaker: We are all too familiar with the fact that family members often serve as the primary caregivers to their ill or elderly loved ones. Hopkinton Home Care provides the much-needed assistance to family caregivers, allowing them to “take a break” or do something for themselves from time to time.  Furthermore, if a family is unable to serve as the primary caretaker for a number of reasons, you will have the backup and benefit of knowing that your loved one is receiving professional, compassionate, and personalized care that is familiar to all of you. It is good practice to have your support and a back-up plan in place before an urgent matter arises.
  4. Companionship: Connecting well with friends and family can help your loved ones stay healthier, age well and live longer. For those who cannot be present as a caregiver or regular companion to elderly loved ones, Hopkinton Home Care provides companionship services, such as socialization, cognitive stimulation, playing games and letter writing.
  5. Medication Management: Medication management is a complex process that consists of multiple activities. Medication reconciliation is a key first step in medication management. Multiple studies have demonstrated large discrepancies in what medications are ordered by the prescribing provider and the actual medications the older adult is taking. Other areas of medication management include assessment and interventions related to medication procurement, medication knowledge, physical ability, cognitive capacity, and intentional non-adherence. Ongoing monitoring of these areas is crucial for all elderly loved ones.

* Considering the expense of prescription drugs in the current health care system, a small investment in providing comprehensive assessment and interventions to assist older adults in accurate management of their medications will increase the quality of life of many older adults.

Hopkinton Home Care delivers professional medical services and support in the privacy and comfort of our loved ones’ homes. Our patients benefit from having their health needs properly addressed while enjoying greater independence.

Contact Us to Learn More about Hopkinton Home Care

At Hopkinton Home Care, our goals are to provide care and compassion in the comfort of your own home. Hopkinton Home Care is proud to offer exceptional home care services to your loved ones throughout Metrowest Massachusetts.

To learn more about our home health services and how we can help in your loved one’s care, kindly contact us online (http://www.hopkintonhomecare.com/) or call 508-544-4650 and we will be in touch with you shortly.



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