Holidays and Special Events – Engaging the Elderly in the Festivities

With a little pre-planning and tweaking of holiday traditions, the elderly and those you love can comfortably be included in holiday activities and special events that also engage the younger generations. Hopkinton Home Care can cover ongoing care to give a caregiver time to run errands and can engage a senior in ability-suited activities to make the holidays and every day enjoyable for all.

Contact Hopkinton Home Care for more information on holiday activities for seniors, home care and customized options for varying elder care needs in the Metrowest Massachusetts area.

Additionally :: Here are some useful tips and links to access resource websites to learn more about holiday activities and special events for seniors.

Create a Family Fun Day
The elderly often miss out on family activities, or be excluded from fun events due to misconceptions about their age and abilities. If you all put your heads together to create a Family Fun Day around the holidays and include the elderly in those activities, you will be the highlight of their holiday.

Holiday Entertaining for Those with Alzheimer’s
The holidays present special problems for seniors and elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease. Click on this link to modify activities to keep a peaceful holiday or ask someone from Hopkinton Home Care to engage in one of these activities.

Free Entertainment Activities for Seniors
Another option for you or someone from Hopkinton Home Care to make the holidays special for you loved ones is looking deeper into This site provides ten great ideas for free activities to enjoy at any time of the year.

Preparing for an Outing with a Senior
The thought of taking an elderly person on an outing can be daunting, but with a little planning, it can be fun, and a welcome break for both the caregiver and the senior. If you don’t feel comfortable going it alone, invite someone from Hopkinton Home Care to join you.

Intergenerational Activity Ideas for Grandparents
This blog from a grandmother has some great ideas shared by other grandmothers on activities that span the generations! Check it out and engage with your loved ones.

Hopkinton Home Care in Metrowest (MA): Hopkinton, Holliston, Ashland, Southborough,  Upton,  Grafton,  Westborough,  Milford.

Our philosophy is to provide five star quality home care services with an assisted living focus on the entire needs of each and every individual that we serve. Some of the standard home care services include (but are not limited to):

  • personal care
  • medication oversight
  • meal preparation
  • transportation to and from appointments
  • shopping and errands

Hopkinton Home Care will always go above and beyond to provide superior service to meet the psycho-social, spiritual, and cognitive needs of any family that seeks these programs — Because nothing is more important than family.

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Extra help and companionship make a great holiday gift!



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