The Need To Stay Hydrated – Even in the Fall and Winter – Hopkinton Home Care

A Few Tips on Staying Hydrated from Hopkinton Home Care

Now that the heat and humidity of summer are past, many people think that the need to worry about staying properly hydrated has passed. While it is more obvious to all that we lose fluids during hot, muggy days – our bodies have a constant need for water every day.

Water is one of most essential elements needed for human life. The human body is composed mostly of water. The proper balance between water levels and electrolytes in our body is essential for proper functioning of our organs, muscles and nerves.

Staying properly hydrated helps us to remove wastes when we go to the bathroom, control our body temperature, maintain a healthy heart rate and blood pressure, and maintain a healthy metabolism. Dehydration causes our body to begin to shut down, and can cause anxiety, confusion, sleepiness, rapid breathing, and a rapid pulse.

Very slight changes in body water levels can lead to problems. As little as a 2% to 3% reduction in our fluid levels can cause physiological changes that can be harmful. And we lose water every day when we go to the bathroom, when we sweat, and even when we breathe.  When you are sick and have a fever, or if you vomit or have diarrhea, you will lose excess fluids that must be replaced.

What do we need to do in order to stay properly hydrated? The gold medal goes to water. It is the purest fluid that we can use to replenish our bodies.

A good tip is to start and end each day with a glass of water.  Another tip is to keep a bottle or glass of water in your refrigerator door, and every time you open it, take a sip of water. How much should you have each day?

There is no rule that applies to everyone, because every body is different.  But always remember – feeling thirsty is a message from your body that it is already dehydrated.

By no means is a glass of water the only means of rehydrating yourself either. Despite the myths that exist – coffee, tea and soda all count too! Many people believe that caffeine defeats the benefits of drinking fluids, and that is not true. However, you will get extra calories and sugar that you do not get from pure water.

A proper diet also helps to keep you properly hydrated. Most people do not realize that the meat that you eat can contain up to 60% water. Fruits and vegetables also contain a high percentage of water.  Three healthy meals a day, with fluids at each meal plus a glass of water in the morning and at bedtime can help the average person maintain healthy hydration levels.

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