As Seen in the Boston Globe: Hopkinton Home Care Announces New Program to Partner with Assisted Living Facilities

Hopkinton Home Care Announces New Program to Partner with Assisted Living Facilities

Helping families and facilities of patients that may exceed assisted living care levels.

Hopkinton Home Care announces a new program to partner with local assisted living facilities to provide the best support to the families and the facility staff in caring for more residents that may need extra care.

William Marr, Owner of Hopkinton Home Care, is proud of this initiative to support facilities maintain occupancy levels by allowing them to retain residents who exceed their established care levels.

Mr. Marr has 30+ years of experience in-home care, assisted living, and insurance industries. For 17 years, Bill worked at Golden Pond here in Hopkinton, the first free-standing assisted living facility in Massachusetts.

“We know that assisted living regulations are strict and understand what levels of care the facilities may need a bit more help,” add Mr. Marr. “The launch of this program is important because it speaks to the value private partners provide to not only the facilities, but to the peace of mind for families.”

Hopkinton Home Care goes above and beyond to provide superior service to meet the psycho-social, spiritual, and cognitive needs of any family that seeks these programs either in the home or at a facility.

No matter where you live, in your private home, independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing home, Hopkinton Home Care is there for you. Any of our services are available to you, however and whenever you want or need them. Our goal is to help you or your patients thrive in life and for you to look forward to each and every moment that we are privileged to spend with you.

Hopkinton Home Care was founded by William Marr to help people by maximizing the strengths and experience he has gained during his time in both home care and senior care. Hopkinton Home Care provides five-star quality home care services with an assisted living focus on the entire needs of each and every individual that we serve. To learn more, please visit us online: or follow us on Facebook:

Boston Globe:

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